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BORING POST ALERT: What follows is one of those “day in the life” entries that is primarily intended so that I can look up information in the future.  If you are easily bored with reading about the tedium from the life of a seedsman, skip this post.


Since I got to bed so late (early?) this morning, I didn’t get up and out to the office until 9 a.m.  And as soon as I got started, I had that feeling like I was behind.  I started in with the routine tasks of listening and responding to voice messages, emails, CRM posts, printing out orders, dealing with faxes and the postal mail.

I was just coming up for air and trying to figure out what I was suppose to be working on when Denise called and needed a pile of seed packets printed.  That took about 20 minutes and I ran them across the farm to the seedhouse so they could get filled and a pile of orders could get shipped out.  While I was over there, I packed up Canned Victory Gardens for a couple of folks.

It was not raining when I was running back to my office and I have been cooped up so long, I needed to do something, anything, out of doors.  The webcam has been dead for a couple of weeks so I dug through my X10 spare parts box and found a camera that worked.  Well, it was not that easy.  I had to head up a ladder, pull down the cam, and then troubleshoot to see if it was the receiver, the USB converter, the camera or software.  As you already know, it was the camera.  After about an hour, I was back online.

I spent the rest of the afternoon working on web related tasks – about half the time going back and forth with tech support.  Nothing major.  Just inventory work and chipping away at a list of little odds and ends that have been outstanding since switching to the new system.   In between, I called the greenhouse company to see if they were planning to respond to my request for proposal.  I got their answering machine.  It is that time of year.  I imagine that they are as busy as we are.

Denise called me in for supper . . . I was running so much today, I skipped eating.  Tonight’s fare was black beans and brown rice which was a great choice for a cool, damp, gray evening.

After supper I headed out to the cabin to tend to the tomatoes.  Whoa!  It was like an episode of Wild Kingdom.  Between the heater and the sunny day, there was a major hatch of ladybugs.  I spent an hour catching and releasing but since the ceilings in there are about ten feet, and that is where they are mainly hanging out, I only captured a fraction of them.

I swapped out one of the light fixtures on the rack, got the peat pellet trays filled with water, and noticed that seedlings are already emerging.  They were sown four and five days ago.

It is now 10 p.m. and time to enter a pile of faxed and mailed in orders into the system and prepare for another round tomorrow.

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