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Victory Heirloom Seed Company Field Cam
Our Victory Seed Co. Field Cam - Note: If it is dark, it is night here in Liberal! Click here for more.

See our weather station in action.  Click here for current weather conditions on the farm.

Technical Specifications

XCam2 Camera:
  • Imager CMOS Sensor (analog)

  • Format 1/3"

  • Array Size NTSC: 510 X 492

  • Resolution: 310 TV Lines (NTSC), 30 frames/second

  • Scanning: 2:1 Interlace

  • Auto Shutter: 1/60 to 1/15,000 sec.

  • Minimum Illumination: 3 LUX (f1.9)

  • Operating Temp.: -10C to 40C

  • Humidity Limits 0 - 95%

  • Field of View: 60 degrees

  • Power Required: 12VDC

  • Water Resistant

Wireless Transmitter:

Transmission distance is about 100.  This will vary by the density of the obstructions and other RF interference sources.

Antennae on the transmitter and receiver are directional and need to be aimed at each other for best picture quality.

Transmitter Frequency:

Channel A: 2.411 GHz
Channel B: 2.434 GHz
Channel C: 2.453 GHz
Channel D: 2.473 GHz

Yet Another WebCam Program

Our Weather Cam Technical Specifications

The Victory Seed Company Field & Weather WebCam
Facing nearly due east.

After looking at some of the higher end (and admittedly better resolution) solutions, the XCam2 was hands down the best deal we could put together in early 2002.  And when you are a small seed company, deals are what you look for!

Our system consists of the XX16A-C XCam2 2.4GHz wireless camera, a VK74A "Ninja" Pan and Tilt base with CR14A remote, a VR36A-C Video Receiver, and a VA11A-C Video to USB AdapterFor capturing and uploading the images, we use to use the Xray Vision software purchased with the hardware.  However, it was constantly locking up and requiring daily system reboots.  We are now using a piece of open source software called YAWCAM.

Although the user manuals are a bit on the light side, if you or a friend have a little technical experience, it is pretty easy to install and configure the hardware and software.

Regarding quality, the biggest complaint that people have is that the resolution is a bit on the course side.  This is true.  In operation under the best conditions, the design of the camera only allows for course images.  3 LUX is the threshold, below which the image becomes washed out and barely useable.  It operates acceptable between 3 to 5 LUX.  Additionally, the plastic optics of the camera can cause the image to be smeared.  That is, the colors can become separated under certain conditions when the light hits the plastic in such a way that it acts as a prism.

As you can see from the images on the site, they look more like surveillance camera images from a 7-11 in the 70s, but hey, it serves our requirements perfectly . . . you can tell if it is sunny, raining, day or night.  Plus it is cheap (in 2002 prices).  The whole setup, including shipping, was well under $150.

The picture above shows a close up of the camera system.  You will notice that the clear plastic "shroud" is not an item that you see on the X10 site.  Although they cameras are nearly weather proof and we have this unit mounted under the eaves, it still can get some exposure to moisture.  It is Oregon!  The solution was found by using a plastic cover from a 50 stack of CDRs.  We simply mounted between the camera and the top of the robotics.  This protects the pan and tilt unit but does not restrict the movement nor is it encased so that condensation becomes an issue.  How is that for cheap?!?

The information provided on this page is raw data as measured and recorded by our weather station. This is not intended as a forecast so do not base any of your important decisions on this information.  This data is for our use and presented here for informational and entertainment purposes only.

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