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More Spring Cleaning

For those of you that are newly following the goings on around the farm, a bit of background.  Years ago, when the Victory Seed Company was just three or four of us all packed into the old milk parlor of our barn, we needed a toilet so that we didn’t have to run across the farm to the house.

I made mention of this need in a project page on our site and one of our supporters happened to have engineered a solution.  He provided us with plans for a fully self-contained, aerobic, solar composting toilet system which he dubbed, “S.C.A.T” or Solar Composting Advanced Toilet.  It was an awesome fit for our farm.

We took his design parameters and developed one that we could build using nearly 100% salvaged and re-purposed building materials.  If you are interested in learning more, the whole project was documented and is found on our farm page by clicking here.

Anyway, to make a long story short (I already made a short story long!), the building hardly gets used anymore since we built the new seedhouse and moved operations across the farm.  But since it is getting close to that time when we will be outside working, I did some routine maintenance today.

The composting chamber did not need to be changed.  I may add some worms and fresh compost from the garden compost pile to get it “alive” again but other than that it was fine.

Mainly all that I had to do was to make sure there were hand towels and toilet paper, dust, sweep, shake the rug, clean up cobwebs, and wipe down the sink and toilet seat surfaces.  As I mentioned, it is a nice, sanitary, and low maintenance solution.

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