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Spring Weekend

A lot of time has passed since my last post.  It is our busy sales season so supporting the order fulfillment process takes priority and all of my time so not a lot of “spare” time.  That is good though.  It is what funds our work for the year and we greatly appreciate you all keeping up busy with your orders!

John came home from college Friday afternoon for Spring Break and I had a big list of projects and tasks waiting for him.  Saturday John worked on the first mowing of the the fence / tree lines and some other outside maintenance tasks.  It was a beautiful sunny day.

Yesterday (Sunday) our focus was getting a site prepped for the new greenhouse.  John and his fiancé worked on moving some old berry plants and rhubarb that were in the way.  I got the tiller running and prepared a bed in the garden for them.  Then I got the tractor and started hauling gravel from the pile I had delivered on Thursday.  By the end of the evening, we had the site ready to put up the new greenhouse.

Preparing for a new greenhouse

Today they continued by setting, leveling and squaring up the base, I hauled more gravel over to build up the area, and then they started to work on the assembly.

One of the ongoing tasks around here is maintaining hedgerows and creating wind and visual barriers.  They help with seed isolation issues, provide wildlife habitat, are aesthetically pleasing, and although we don’t currently have an issue with neighbors, will acts as a barrier to airborne chemical drift.

We have planted a lot of trees over the years and stepped up the process last year by installing a couple of hundred Austrian pines.  Two weeks ago I had a visit from the nurseryman that installed the pines.  We worked out a deal that I could not pass up so starting tomorrow, another one hundred, 14 to 15 foot tall tress are getting planted around the perimeter.

I am really excited to see an “instant forest” on the place.  Instead of pines, these will be a mix of Western Red, Deodora, Golden Deodora, Golden Cedar, and Leland Cypress in the really wet areas.  As the work progresses, I will post them on the farm page for anyone that is interested.

Well, it is 5:30 pm, not raining yet, and I want to get out of the office to work outside for a bit.  The forecast is calling for cold, wet, windy weather for the next seven days.  :(

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