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 After doing thorough research, this is the system that we chose based on price and performance.

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See our weather station in action.  Click here for current weather conditions on the farm.

A special thanks to the folks at Oregon Scientific who chose to support our weather project by replacing our system with a newer model.

Both our hardware and weather software were originally purchased from Ambient LLC.

They offered excellent pre and post sales support, as well as great prices.

The solution that we chose is automated and requires very little maintenance once installed and configured properly.

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Our Weather Station Technical Specifications

Oregon Scientific WMR-968

Click here for the Web's best pricing on weather equipment.

The backlit display of the comprehensive control unit also features a digital clock with alarm and day/date calendar. Weather conditions are graphically displayed, including a compass rose for wind direction, and feature icons indicate the selected monitoring mode.

Easily recognized weather icons -- sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, and rainy/snowy -- display the forecast for the next 12-24 hours. Forecasts are based on electronic barometric-pressure sensing, and these weather predictions are considered to be about 85% accurate.

Technical Specifications

Proposed Operating Range :
  • Indoor...23F to 122F
  • Outdoor ..... -4F to 140F
  • Resolution (Indoor and Outdoor): 0.2F
Relative Humidity:
  • Measuring Range (indoor and outdoor): 2 to 98% RH
  • Resolution (indoor and outdoor): 1% RH
Dew Point Temperature Measuring Range:
  • Indoor: 32F to 120.2F
  • Outdoor: 14F to 140F
  • Resolution (indoor and outdoor): 2F
Barometric Pressure / Trend
  • Measuring Range: 795 to 1050 mb(23.48 to 31.01 inHg)
  • Resolution:1 mb (0.03 inHg)
Wind Speed:
  • Measuring Range: 0 to 56 m/s (0 to 125.3 mph)
  • Resolution: 0.2 m/s (0.4 mph) (typical)
Wind Direction:
  • Measuring Range: 0 to 359 (Degrees)
  • Digital Resolution: 1 (typical)
  • Graphical Resolution: 10
Wind Chill:
  • Temperature Measuring Range: -61.6F to 140F
  • Resolution: 2F
  • Daily and Cumulative Measuring Range: 0 to 9999 mm (0 to 393.7 in)
  • Rainfall Rate Measuring Range: 0 to 999 mm/hr (0 to 39.37 in/hr)
  • Daily and Cumulative: 1 mm (0.04 inch)
  • Rainfall Rate Resolution: 1mm/hr (0.04 in/h) typical
  • Weight: 16.93 ounces
  • Dimension: 295 (L) x 116.5 (W) x 550 (H)
  • Power: solar cell (STR918)

No more stretching wires under windows or through walls! Now you can monitor weather and environmental conditions in and outside of your home or office with this complete Cable Free Weather Station. This comprehensive monitoring and forecasting center features exciting, innovative wireless outdoor sensors that use solar power and radio-frequencies to communicate with the touchscreen-activated indoor LCD control unit with bright blue HiGlo backlighting.

The system features memories for all conditions, such as high and low temperatures, as well as optional user-set alarms for all monitoring functions. Each alarm activates an audible/visual warning condition when a pre-set value, such as a wind-chill reading, is reached.

An optional PC Link cable (RS-232) plus two accessory software packages enable monitoring and graphing all weather conditions on a personal computer.

The Cable Free Weather Station includes these remote sensors:

The Thermo-Hygrometer
The Thermo-Hygrometer measures outdoor temperature and relative humidity. The outdoor temperature operating range is 58
F to 158F and has an accuracy resolution of 0.2F; the relative humidity operating range is 2% to 96%RH with an accuracy resolution of 1%. Updating of information to the display unit occurs every 37-seconds. The Thermo-Hygrometer is powered by a solar cell with battery backup.

The Anemometer
The anemometer measures wind speed and direction. The anemometer wind speed operating range is up to 125 miles per hour and has a accuracy resolution of +/- (plus or minus) 0.4mph. In steady wind conditions the anemometer transmits new readings to the display unit once every minute; in gusty conditions, gust updating occurs every 14-seconds. Wind direction operating range is 0
F to 359F. Data transmission to the display unit occurs every 5-seconds. The anemometer is powered by a solar cell with battery backup.

The Baro-Hygrometer
The Baro-Hygrometer measures indoor temperature and humidity, and barometric pressure. The temperature operating range is 23
F-122F with an accuracy resolution of 0.2F; this data is transmitted to the display unit every 38-seconds. The humidity operating range is 2% to 96%RH with an accuracy resolution of 1%. Updating of relative humidity information to the display unit occurs every 37-seconds. The barometric pressure operating range is 23.48 inHg to 31.01 inHg with an accuracy resolution of 0.03 inHg. Data updating to the display unit of relative humidity occurs once an hour. 4 AAA-sized batteries power the Baro-Hygrometer.

The Rain Gauge
The Rain Gauge measures rainfall in millimeter increments reflecting current rainfall or accumulation of up to nine (9) days history. The Rain Gauge features a self-emptying collection unit. The rainfall measurement range is 0" to 39.97" per hour with a cumulative operating range of 0" to 393.7". The rainfall accuracy resolution is 1 mm (0.04"). Data to the display unit is updated every 47-seconds. The Rain Gauge is powered by a solar cell with battery backup.

Optional Sensors:

THGR268  - Remote Thermo-Hygrometer Sensor

THC268  - Remote Temperature Sensor with Cable


The information provided on this page is raw data as measured and recorded by our weather station. This is not intended as a forecast so do not base any of your important decisions on this information. This data is for our farm use and presented here for informational and entertainment purposes only.

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