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The Moon In Lore and Science

"The moon was but a chin of gold, a night or two ago, and now she turns her perfect face, upon the world below."

Emily Dickenson

Venturing outside on a clear night with a full moon, it is hard to not be intrigued with our planet's closest celestial body.  I still have the low power telescope that I received for Christmas one year as a kid.  And every once in awhile, we'll dig it out and try and focus on one of the larger craters.  There is something mysterious yet familiar about the moon.  It helps us to define cycles on our planet and gives us a reference for keeping track of time.

Here are some interesting links to sites that offer information about the history, science, geography, and lore of the moon.

Gardening by the Moon

"Sow peas on and beanes in the wane of the moone,
Who soweth them sooner, he soweth too soon.
That they with the planet may rest and arise,
And Flourish with bearing most plentiful wise.

Thomas Tusser 1562
"Five Hundred Points of Goode Husbandry"

Old Farmer's Almanac Gardening but the Moon Calendar Planting by the Moon Phases, by E. A. Crawford Gardening by the Moon Calendar
(Commercial Link)
Plan Your Garden Work by the Signs of the Moon -

Moon Phase Courtesy of U.S. Naval Observatory
The Moon Phase in Liberal, Oregon

Plant a "Moon Garden"
Moon Lore & Mystery
What is a "Blue Moon"? The Moon in Religion Fact & Fantasy About Blue Moons
Indian Moons, Days & Other Calendar Stuff Griffith Observatory - The Moon The Moon Illusion: An Unsolved Mystery
  Full Moon Names from the Old Farmer's Almanac  
The Physical Moon

Basic Factoids:

  • Distance from the Earth = 239,000 miles

  • Diameter = 2,160 miles

  • Maximum Daily Temperature = 230F (110C)

  • Minimum Daily Temperature = -292F (-180C)

Month Long Tour of the Visible Lunar Surface Earth & Moon Viewer
or here
Inconstant Moon: Multimedia tours of the lunar surface
Lunar Eclipse Computer    Man on the Moon: Apollo Mission Gallery

The information provided on this page is raw data as measured and recorded by our weather station. This is not intended as a forecast so do not base any of your important decisions on this information.  This data is for our use and presented here for informational and entertainment purposes only.

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