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You may wonder why we have links to these planetary and space related sites.  Partly because of the "Apollo" era that we grew up in and partly to help promote the understanding that we are all on a very tiny and special planet.

Because Earth is so special, and is the only known location to support the species of plants and animals that live here, we need to better understand and take care of it.

Becoming a good steward of the resources that have been entrusted to us is a responsibility that we all should take seriously.

A favorite quote, credited to both Chief Seattle and Antoine de Saint Expéry, says, "We do not inherit the Earth from our parents.  We borrow it from our grandchildren."

"Climate is what you expect, weather is what you get."

--Robert Heinlein

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Selected  Weather & Space Links

Current GOES-10 IR satellite image of the NE Pacific

NOAA Geostationary Satellite Server

Current Oregon Forecast - Oregon Climate Service

National Weather Service - Portland, Oregon Forecast Center

NOAA Oregon Regional Forecasts

 U.S. Weather Service Interactive Weather Information Network

National Weather Service
Main Page
CPC 13 Seasonal Outlooks
Space Science & Engineering Center (SSEC) - Satellite Composite Images Climate Prediction Center
NOAA's Drought Information Center Western Regional Climate Center

Unisys Weather Forecast for Molalla, Oregon

El Niño-La Niña Home

Click for Liberal, Oregon Forecast
Weather Underground

 or_rain.gif (33406 bytes)
Historical Precipitation Map for Oregon

Geological Sites

USGS Earthquake Hazards Program
Last 30 Days of Activity

Recent Earthquakes in Pacific Northwest - Index Map

NEIC Current Seismicity North Pacific Ocean Airborne Hunt for Faults in the Portland-Vancouver Area

Space & Exploration Sites

Space Environment Center Space Weather - Today

NASA - Potentially Hazardous Asteroids

International Space Station Main Information Page

Human Space Flight- Orbital Tracking Center

International Space Station Sighting Opportunities for Portland, Oregon

Martian Soil Blog

Encyclopedia Astronautica

SETI@Home Project

Universe Today - Current Space News

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

Clear Sky Institute China National Space Administration
Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn Moon Information Page
NASA T.V. NASA 3D Sat Tracking
NASA Watch NASA / ESA Hubble Space Telescope
Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:




The information provided on this page is raw data as measured and recorded by our weather station. This is not intended as a forecast so do not base any of your important decisions on this information.  This data is for our use and presented here for informational and entertainment purposes only.

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