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Join Us in Our Historical Research and Seed Variety Preservation Work!


Do you like what we do?  Do you want to know how you can partner in our seed preservation work without spending money? Here are a few ideas how you can help.

Background and Purpose:

If you are reading this page, you probably are already one of our many loyal supporters and are aware of our mission of seed variety preservation.  Although the primary method of supporting our preservation work comes directly from your purchasing and growing seeds from our site, purchasing other items such as books also helps us pay the bills.

Other Forms of Support:

Obviously financial support is critical to the health of any organization, but there are so many other ways you can help that do not cost you anything.  One way will even earn you purchasing credit!

  • Help By Promoting Our Work - As a small organization with a limited budget, we spend very little of our resources on conventional advertising. We rely on your word-of-mouth recommendations.  Here are some ideas that are only limited by your imagination.

    • Take a minute and write a review on The Green Files website. We greatly appreciate your word-of-mouth recommendations to other gardeners.

    • Share us with your gardening family and friends about us.

    • Forward our newsletter emails to your gardening family and friends.

    • When you are on a product page and it make you think of someone you might also appreciate the item, click on the Email A Friend button.  There are also social media buttons on the pages that you can click on to share with your networks of friends.

    • If you use Twitter, please Tweet about us (@VictorySeeds), follow our feed, retweet, etc.

    • If you are on Facebook, "like" our fanpage and participate in the conversations.

    • Likewise, if you have a Google or YouTube account, please consider subscribing to the new VictorySeeds YouTube Channel.

    • Get us in your favorite gardening magazine or local newspaper.  If the opportunity arises, let them know your favorite seed company.  Even when we are listed as a seed source for a gardening article, it helps

  • Help By Making Our Site Better - As a customer driven organization, our website has continually evolved through your suggestions and comments.  We made a huge change in January of 2011 by adding customer interactivity.

    • Rate A Variety - If you grew our seeds, you can make the site more useful to everyone by sharing your experience.  Just revisit the variety's product page and look for the following link [ Review this item].  Your positive review may help others in your location find a great variety for their garden. You can even earn 25 Victory Points™ for each review that is approved!*

    • Send Us Photographs - Browsing around the site and see that a variety is missing a picture?  You can help.  If you grew the variety, take the picture yourself, and we end up using it on the site, you will earn 500 Victory Points™ for each picture we publish.*

    • Feedback - As always, keep your comments and suggestions coming.  It is with your input that our site thrives and grows.

  • Seed Preservation - The core of our mission.

    • Garden With Heirlooms - First and foremost to supporting our preservation work happens when you choose to garden with open-pollinated seed varieties.

    • Seed Saving - Become a seed saver.  Although this might sound like a self-defeating practice for a seed company to encourage, we hope that it cements the fact that we are mission driven and not fiscally motivated!

      Seed Saving  is key to ensuring that a variety survives.  Learn and practice proper techniques.  Along with you personally preserving a variety, you also are saving money and at the same time, practicing a primary freedom - the ability to raise food without relying on any person or company.

    • Submit Family Heirlooms - This is also a core to our seed variety preservation work.  Along with keeping other open-pollinated seeds available to home gardeners, we also work with families to ensure that beloved favorites are not lost to time.  Over the years, we have been contacted by people with seed varieties that their ancestors have grown for may generations but they might be to the point where there is no one left the keep growing the seed.  This is where we try and help.

      If you do have seeds of an open-pollinated variety that you would like to see preserved, please contact us. We are always looking for old varieties that we do not presently have in our seed bank program.

We so value the relationships that we have built over the years and we greatly appreciate the support that we receive from all of our gardening friends.  We honestly could not do what we do without you!

Thank you for your support!

* - Victory Points™ rules and terms apply.  Click the link for more information about participation and redemption.


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Updated on January 29, 2015