Frying or Creaming Corn

What we consider fried corn is basically cream style corn.  It is important to use only fresh tender corn that is in the milk stage (mash a kernel and if it squirts you in the eye itís in milk stage).

Remove the corn kernels from the cob by just barely cutting off the cap of the kernel, about half of the kernel. Scrape the cob with a knife removing the juice and milk.  When you have done this to to a pile of ears, stir to evenly mix the juice and solids.

Using a cast iron skillet, add several tablespoons of bacon grease and once heated, add in the corn.  Simmer, stirring often, and add sugar to taste.  [Note: Field corn is not extremely sweet so sugar is added to the individual's taste.  Some folks don't add any.]

Cook for about 20 minutes, add water to maintain the desired consistency and stirring constantly to keep from scorching. Flavor with some butter and salt and black pepper.  Serve.

The key in frying field corn is that it will take a lot of water while cooking to keep it creamy. The fresher it is the less water you need. It thickens like glue.

You can also prepare sweet corn using this method.  It is not as hard to do because of it is naturally sweet and watery.

Source: Submitted by David Pendergrass, Tennessee
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