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Seed Bank Project

Background and Purpose:

Seed banks are created as an important tool to help preserve the genetic diversity, or biodiversity, of the plant kingdom.  They are by their very nature living, dynamic and fragile.  Remember that seeds have a finite storage life.

The specimens contained in a seed bank are only as secure as the plan to grow out each and every variety on a scheduled basis.  Each sample must be grown out and new seed selected and saved in order for the variety to remain viable.  With a large number of sample varieties, it can become an extremely labor intensive effort but it is the only way that the viability of the seeds can be maintained at a safe level.  Additionally, seeds are not truly protected unless they are being grown all over the world and are readily available.

It is therefore very important to all of us as home gardeners to pick our favorite varieties of open-pollinated (heirloom) plants, tend them, enjoy their bounty, and learn to save some seed to pass on to future generations.

Many other organizations have similar programs.  If you are part of these, great!  The more of us saving, the better chance a variety has for survival.

You can help our work by purchasing and growing seeds from our site, purchasing other items such as books and candy, and by submitting family heirlooms for protection.

If you do have extra seeds of an open-pollinated variety that you would like to see preserved, please contact us. We are always looking for old varieties that we do not presently have in our seed bank program.

Thank you for your support!

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