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Customer Praises

At the Victory Seed Company we take great pride in our customer service.  We are small enough that we can help people locate hard to find seeds and have no problem with special orders or referring to a competitor.  The following comments were provided voluntarily by our customers.  You can also read more at The Green Pages by clicking here.

"Hi Mike:  The zucchinis (from seed) that I bought from you are absolutely beautiful !!  I started harvesting them one week before time. Maybe our climate in Panama is the difference, and it has also been the first of the kind here. Tell me if you want me to send you some pictures. Will be placing another order very soon. Thank you very much, best regards,"

C. M. Q. - Panama

"Got my order on Friday (11/8). Thanks for the great service. I planted on Friday and have about 99% germination success. I will be recommending your site to our customers asking about seeds."

N. V. - Texas
Received email Sunday, Nov. 10

"Great website - very informative. I have been growing most of my own vegetables for about 7 years now, and am encouraged and motivated by people like you! You will receive orders from me shortly and every year, now that I know you are there! :)  Keep up the great work!"

J. K. via the Web

"Pass this one onto your boss . . .You guys are awesome!  Future business for certain.  Thanks."

M via the Web

"I want to thank you for the fast service your company gave us.  Seeds planted tonight.  Well--most of them.  We are still waiting on orders from other companies.  Guess we know what to do next year.  Thank you."

C. W. & D. W.
Hollywood, AL

"Your website is one of the best I have seen in the seed business.  Imagery is bright, and provocative, but does not take too long to download.  Prices are good, too. I've downloaded your pricelist on PDF and expect to make an order, soon."

D. K. via email

"Dear Victory Seeds People,

I just wanted to thank you for the quick delivery and courteous service I have received from you all!  I can't wait to try out the seeds.  Thanks as well for the colorful and informative web site.  I particularly enjoyed reading the history of Victory Gardens--and plan to ask my grandparents and parents about their memories of the Victory Gardens they kept.

Again, my highest regards--thanks so much!"

S. A. in Kentucky

"I've spent the last few lunchtimes looking at lots of online seed supplier's web sites and it was with some relief that I found yours. In terms of information provided, range of products, ease of use and value, yours is easily the best."

L. C. in England

"Thank you!  My seeds arrived Saturday in their lovely little brown envelopes, very classic. Ordering on your website was very easy, too.  I can't wait to grow those beautiful beans!  What a nice company."

A. S. in Idaho

"Your website is the BEST!   Keep up the fine work!"

R. P. via email

"I was so delighted that my order arrived in such a short period of time! Ordered on Monday and received my seeds on Thursday of the same week!  Service that deserves 5 stars! Thank you very much!"

D. M. in Arizona

"Thank you so much for providing frost dates. It was surprisingly difficult to find this information online and I needed it for planning my garden. I have book-marked your site and when I'm ready to order supplies next time you will be the first site I visit. Thank you again."

T. M. via email

"Thank you so much. You have been a great help. . . you are one of the nicest people I have met online.  I am new to the computer and am amazed at the info one can find. Thanks again for all your help.  Sincerely"

R. P. via email

"I want to thank you again for finding the seed to the old fashioned cream pea. When my local feed store told me that they were no longer available I was very upset. I thought that I'd never taste them again. Thanks to you and your web site I now have plenty of seed and the knowledge on how to keep this seed."

R. B. in Texas

"We just received our Canned Victory Garden, sat down together and went through our seed packets.  We're very pleased with our order and appreciate the promptness with which it was filled.  If we find anyone else that is interested we'll be sure to send them your way!  Thanks so much again."

V. K. S. in Texas

"Dear Mike,

Thank you for the package of bean seeds.  My table scientists and I had great results.  We put the seeds in a plastic bag with a moist paper towel.  We saw how long the roots would grow in "mm".  The bean had one of the longest roots.  We did the experiment for ten days."

4th Grade Scientist, Michigan

"Dear Folks,

I've been trying to find peppermint seeds for quite some time now and finally searched the web where I found your site.  I wasn't worried about Y2K, really, although I don't trust large corporations and know if they can corner the food market, they will. But I read your philosophy and I was really impressed by it. What we need to do, instead of panic, is support companies like yours that plan to stay in the future and are as honest and open as you.

I'll be sending a modest order now, but you can bet I'll be ordering continually over a period of time, because I plan to garden as much as I can, and boy, do I appreciate a seed company like yours."

E. E.

"With all the little details involved in preparing for a wedding, I was so relieved to finally find I had been unable to find what we needed for wedding favors until I happened across Victory Seeds on the net. Their response was prompt, friendly and helpful. Just what every mother of the bride is desperate for. Victory Seeds out performed many big name companies in every way."

H. L. in Colorado

"It is a beautiful site. For lack of a better term, the 'clarity of your soul' is evident in its design. I think you will appeal all of us who have committed to living our lives with sense of meaning."

S. W. in Oregon

"Will certainly spread the word. We may be in the city, but it seems everyone likes to grow stuff, no matter where they are."

D. D. in New York


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Updated on January 03, 2020