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"An Address from Mike Dunton for 2019"
(From the introduction of the 2019 seed catalog.)

Dear Friends,

This is the time of year for reflection and anticipation. And as we enter our third decade as a biodiversity preservation organization, I also find myself reminiscing about all of the good that we have achieved together in this partnership that you and I share. But I would be remiss to overlook current affairs.

Politics seem broken, our society fractured, nations are flexing, technologies promised to "level the playing field" are now favoring well-funded large corporations, and recently states seem to have been granted the authority to impose the expensive burden of collecting and filing sales taxes, impacting small businesses ability to sell across state lines. I admit to being a bit anxious about the future.

When I founded the Victory Seed Company, times seemed simpler, the Web was brand new, and we were one of a select few open-pollinated only seed sources. As part of this movement, we created a new sector of the garden industry that so many others have now joined. Back then, the public knew very little about hoe many once common garden varieties had already disappeared.

By remaining true to our core mission — preserving endangered varieties, charitable giving, educating gardeners at every possible opportunity, and sharing seeds via our catalog and websites — open-pollinated seeds are now commonplace. The optimist in me likes to think that we have done our job so well that we are becoming unnecessary.

This mission-driven measure of "success" has resulted in drastically declining sales on top of ever increasing costs. But we are a long way from being done. There are so many varieties to be protected and still needs in our world to be filled. It is hard not to get discouraged sometimes.

Overcoming tight budgets challenges are part of the territory, but as you garden this year, please do keep us in your thoughts and prayers. It is a very challenging time for all small organizations and we hope that you will choose to continue to support ours.

We look forward to being your partner in the garden, as your seed supplier, for years to come. From all of us here at the Victory Seed Company, thank you!

Mike Dunton

December 30, 2018


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