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"An Address from Mike Dunton for 2017"
(From the introduction of the 2017 seed catalog.)

Dear Friends,

Duty, privilege and age-old tradition dictates that I pen this annual note to you, our gardening friends. You are partners in our charitable giving and plant variety preservation mission. Your orders, along with the occasional and greatly appreciated donation, fund this work.

Although the work is never-ending, most folks understandably only think about us in preparation of their planting time. This trend has developed our skills at budgeting and operating within our means. Expenses in all areas have continued to rise, so I hope you will appreciate that we have yet again resisted price increases for the 2017 season.

Measured by the number of organizations that we helped and the number of rare and threatened varieties that we added to our seed list, 2016 was very productive. As the seed collection grows, so too does the importance of keeping it secure.

This coming year we hope to raise the funds necessary to upgrade and modernize both our short-term and long-term seed storage facilities. Your orders certainly help, and we are thankful, but I would like to ask a big favor.

Since word-of-mouth is our primary form of "advertising," if you believe in the work that we are doing, please share about us with gardening family and friends, with your local garden writers, with local master gardeners, and if you use social media, please do follow us and share posts. You are an important part of keeping Victory Seeds® available to gardeners. We need cheerleaders!

With your help, we can improve our outreach and build upon the infrastructure that we have established over the past 19 years. We continue to dream big and diligently plan to make these dreams reality.

Looking forward in time towards a new year ahead is by definition an exercise in contemplating the unknown. Every day continues to be a gift, and although there is always some degree of anxiety associated with uncertainty, there is also joy, beauty, and hope for what can be. The future does not merely happen ... we make it.

Here is to hoping that in 2017 we all work to be a positive force, an influence on the world around us, and that by doing good things, we are planting the seeds for making it the place we want it to be.

We look forward to being of service to you again in 2017 and thank you in advance for choosing to partner with us by using Victory Seeds® in your garden!

Mike Dunton

December 20, 2016


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