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"An Address from Mike Dunton for 2016"

Dear Friends,

As I have done for nearly twenty years now, I put pen to paper and write this introduction to our 2016 "Descriptive Catalogue of Rare & Interesting Seeds." I consider it a privilege, if not a duty, with precedent set by the founders of the earliest seed companies.

Although I usually have a theme in mind for each edition, it is not finalized until the writing process begins. Last year's theme was "gardening as a tradition" which was a call to action to nurture a desire for gardening in younger generations.

This year, with hesitation, I write with a more personal request . . . a call to action to help support our seed variety preservation and charitable giving missions.

I don't have to tell you that "belt-tightening" seems to be the new normal in the twenty-first century. As a family, as a farm and as an organization, we have lived frugally, carried no debt, and keep our expenses to a minimum. As a mission-driven organization and not a fiscally motivated one, we pass these savings onto you, our supporters. But we can use your help.

In the face of ever increasing costs, we have worked hard over the past few years to improve efficiency as opposed to raising prices. And for the most part, increases have been minimal. In some cases, prices have even been lowered.

This said, we have reached a point where we can no longer make further cuts without directly impacting our work. I therefore humbly ask, that if you believe in and value the preservation work that we do, please consider choosing the Victory Seed Company as your primary seed source for your garden seed needs.

I would also like to ask another favor. Since we do not have a budget to advertise or market ourselves like the big seed companies do, please help spread the word about us. Some ideas include sharing about us with gardening family and friends, with your local garden writers, with local master gardeners, and if you use social media, please do follow us and share posts that you believe would be of interest to your friends.

I want to be clear that the situation is not dire and we are solid in our resolve. But with your help, we can improve our outreach and build upon the infrastructure that we have established, to increase the quantity of rare and threatened varieties that we are able to grow and make available to home gardeners.

We look forward to being of service to you again in 2016 and thank you in advance for choosing to partner with us by using Victory Seeds® in your garden!

Mike Dunton

December 28, 2015


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