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"An Address from Mike Dunton for 2015"

Dear Friends,

The tradition and history of gardening and seed saving have always been a central theme in my life. I feel driven, both personally and professionally, to pass them along to others. As you might expect, these are core values at the Victory Seed Company as well.

Denise and I had with the opportunity to start introducing our grandkids to gardening. It is so awesome to watch their faces light up when they pull a carrot or pick some beans that they had sown earlier in the year. I have to admit, that even at this stage in my life, I still marvel at the beauty and complexity of nature and I know that this preservation work is well worth the effort.

Working to protect the diversity of our horticultural heritage is what we are all about here at the Victory Seed Company. But this work is rendered meaningless if we, all of us including you, do not work to pass along this heritage – this tradition.

You are not limited to only sharing and teaching family. Opportunities abound and may be as close to you as your friends and neighbors. Many places are in need of support. You can donate your time, talents and money to support local school gardens or other community based educational programs. You can become a Master Gardener through your local extension office. And of course, you can help us by simply choosing to partner with us in your garden by purchasing Victory Seeds®!

From the support that your orders and word-of-mouth recommendations provide, we work to preserve and protect an increasing number of threatened heritage plant varieties. This work will never be finished.

This greatly expanded descriptive catalog that you hold in your hands is not only a direct connection to thousands of human beings from our collective past; it represents a glimmer of hope for our future. Although it is not a glossy coffee table type work of art, I am very proud of this catalog as it represents so much hard work and commitment to purpose.

Finally, I would like to dedicate this 2015 catalog to the memory of my mother, Carole Dunton (1940-2014), who we lost in March. She not only taught me to garden, thus setting me on my life’s path, she was also a diehard supporter of my dreams to the very end. She is sorely missed.

From myself and all of us here at the Victory Seed Company, we again thank you and we look forward to serving your gardening needs for many more years to come.

Mike Dunton

December 31, 2014


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