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"An Address from Mike Dunton for 2014"

Dear Friends,

Every time that I settle in to write this annual communication to you, I cannot help but reflect on the events of the past year, while imagining, with hope and expectation, what lies ahead. Finding one’s bearings for our current position in the timeline of history, is simply human nature.

As part of our seed variety research work, I read a lot of really (cool) old seed catalogs. I personally love the introductions that seedsmen through the ages have penned. It makes me feel like I am hearing from an old friend. Their words reach out through time and connect me with their accomplishments. They motivate me to protect their seeds and to educate others about their legacy.

History is a common, and primary, theme in my personal life. I live on the farm of my ancestors where the past feels alive and relevant. Preserving the past is what we are about here at the Victory Seed Company. There is no separation of past, present and future – they intermingle and interact. We are, after all, a product of all those that have preceded us.

You hold in your hands a direct connection with the past. This catalog represents the cumulative work of thousands of human beings, over a period of thousands of years. It is a tool that provides for you an opportunity to grow and taste the past. To experience it in a very tangible way. To quite literally be physically nourished by it.

From the support that your orders provide, we are continually working to preserve and protect an increasing number of threatened heritage plant varieties. Our work will never be done and we continue to expand the collection. We are very excited about the number of “New for 2014” varieties that we have added this year. Some are included in this catalog but many more can be found on our web site.

From myself and all of us here at the Victory Seed Company, we thank you for your continued support and we look forward to serving your gardening needs for many more years to come.

Mike Dunton

January 10, 2014


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