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"An Address from Mike Dunton for 2013"

Dear Friends,

Writing the introduction for an annual seed catalog is not only a tradition for me, its roots are established in history. Seedsmen since the beginning of the commercial seed trade have taken this same opportunity to address the folks that support them. They reflect on the past, comment about the present, and make some projection into the future.

There is no set formula, but after reading several thousand old seed catalogs over the years, I have learned that it is definitely the norm. Perhaps when the task at hand involves writing something at the end of the year, especially when introducing a new year, it is simply human nature to follow this format.

Although the origins of our company date back many, many decades, the seed annual that you are holding represents a milestone — our Fifteenth Anniversary Edition since organizing as the Victory Seed Company. It is not fancy or glossy-colored and I am not apologizing. It contains good information about the work that we do and describes many of the varieties that we have to offer.

In looking back over the past couple of decades, so many changes have taken place for me personally, within our family, here on the farm, with the company, and in the world. We have all grown older (and hopefully wiser), some have retired and others started different career paths. We have said goodbye to loved ones and greeted new lives into the world.

Change is an inherent part of natural law. It is inevitable. Although we can do little to control it, we can learn to accept and work within its boundaries. As gardeners, we know these truths more intimately than non-gardeners who remain disconnected from nature in their daily lives.

In the garden we are able to connect or commune with nature, this great creation, and experience change as exhibited through the hours of the day, the weather and the seasons. In the garden we are able to slow down from a busy day and all of the external stresses that are piled upon us. If we allow ourselves, we can even find peace there. And for this reason, gardening is both contagious and something that we all love to share with our family and friends.

As I reflect back on the events that led up to the creation of the Victory Seed Company, the fact that we are still here saving seeds is a testament to the support you all have provided. We take this as confirmation that the work we do remains relevant and important.

We have remained true to our foundational goals and mission. We have focused on protecting and preserving old seed varieties and keeping them available to home gardeners. And we remain committed to providing folks with the highest quality seeds combined with the best customer service that we possibly can. We are able to do these things because we are not a typical seed business. Our values are a bit different than most companies.

1) We are independent and have no one to answer to except you, our supporters. We do not have financial backers, shareholders, or large suppliers that dictate our actions.

2) Some companies claim to be family owned when they really mean privately held. We are a classic, multi-generational, family owned and operated, farm-based seed company.

3) Making money is not our motivation. It is the work that drives us with seed sales supporting our work. Most other seed companies sell seeds with financial gain as their only goal. Some do keep older varieties in circulation, but sadly, few are doing original preservation work.

4) This brings me to this final point. Your orders directly fund our ability to save old varieties. It is expensive to go from a sample that we receive, to the point of having enough seed to share. It takes several years, committed farm land and a lot of labor. To ensure accuracy, we use historical records, which we often have to purchase, to confirm a variety’s accuracy. We appreciate the support your orders provide and do consider you partners in this seed variety preservation work.

From myself and all of us here at the Victory Seed Company, we thank you for your past fifteen years of patronage and we look forward to serving your gardening needs for many more years to come. Here is to finding happiness, peace, prosperity and gardening success in 2013.

Mike Dunton

January 19, 2013


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