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Meet Victory Seed Company grower and heirloom seed preservationist, David Pendergrass.

Located in the rolling hills of Middle-Tennessee, the Pendergrass' have farmed the same land since the early 1800's. Like many of the farms in the area, tobacco was the primary cash crop into the early 2000s.

In addition to tobacco leaf, David and his father operated as "truck farmers," primarily growing tomatoes and yellow squash for local markets.

As David's responsibilities on the farm shifted and he began to manage the operation, priorities changed. With an interest in "old-timey ways" and horticultural history, coupled with his increasing awareness of the rapid loss of seed varieties that was occurring, he transitioned the farm from tobacco leaf production to heirloom seed preservation and production.

Starting with his family's heirloom seed varieties as a foundation, he branched out and added other old Southern seed varieties to his line. Specializing in rare tobacco varieties, David founded the New Hope Seed Company.

It was about this time that David and Mike "met" though an email conversation. They shared so many common interests that they quickly became friends. David began supplying seed to the Victory Seed Company, making him one of the first seed growers to join Victory Seeds Growers Network.

In addition to supplying seeds to the Victory Seed Company and truck farming, David still offers Tobacco Plants from his website, in season.

Mike & David - Summer 2008
Mike Dunton & David Pendergrass
on the Dunton Farm

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