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Information about the New Hope Seed Company

The Victory Seed Company and the New Hope Seed Company are separate entities and not affiliated except that the founders of both companies, Mike Dunton (VSC) and David Pendergrass (NHS) are good friends.

Like us, NHS is a small, multi-generational, farm-based, family owned and operated business.  They are a supplier of several of the seed varieties we offer to gardeners.

By clicking any of the following links, you will be leaving the Victory Seed Company web site and heading over to New Hope Seed Company's site.  If you have been shopping for Victory Seeds, please complete your order now by clicking on the "shopping cart" link at the top of this page.  Thank you for supporting our work as well as that of other small organizations!

Mike & David - Summer 2008
Mike Dunton & David Pendergrass
on the Dunton Farm

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