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Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company
Product Brands


Big Red Gum

Creme Savers

 Doublemint Gum

Eclipse Gum

Extra Gum

Freedent Gum

Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum

Juicy Fruit Gum

Life Savers

Orbit Gum

Pim Pom

Winterfresh Gum

Wrigley's Spearmint Gum

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Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company
A Historical Timeline

William Wrigley, a salesman, founded the company in Chicago selling soap and baking powder.  He began using gum as a sales incentive.

After determining that gum was the product line to be in, Mr. Wrigley developed and released two brands under his own name.  These were "Lotta" and "Vassar".

Juicy Fruit Gum is introduced followed a few months later by Spearmint.

Wrigley expanded production outside of the U.S. with a factory in Canada.

Doublemint gum is introduced.

A factory is opened in Australia.

Construction of the Wrigley building commences in Chicago.  It is completed in 1924.

A factory is opened in Great Britain.

A factory is opened in New Zealand.

The "Doublemint Twins" marketing concept make its debut.

During World War II, then company president Philip Wrigley made an unusual business decision. Due to wartime rationing, Wrigley could not maintain production. So rather than compromise the quality by changing the formulas, the company took Spearmint, Doublemint and Juicy Fruit off the civilian market and dedicated the entire output of these brands to the U.S. Armed Forces.  During its absence from the market, Wrigley maintained public memory utilizing a "Remember this Wrapper" ad campaign.

Wrigley's gum was reintroduced to the civilian market.  Wrigley's Spearmint came back on the market in 1946. Juicy Fruit followed later that same year, and Doublemint reappeared in 1947. Though these brands had not been sold in the United States for two years, they quickly regained and then exceeded their pre-war popularity.

William Wrigley succeeds his father Philip, as president and CEO.  Strategic direction of geographic expansion ensues.  During his 38-year tenure at the helm of the Wrigley Company, production facilities sprouted up in nine new countries and Wrigley brands became known worldwide.

Freedent was introduced in 1975 as the first non-stick alternative for people who have dental work. Available in a variety of great-tasting flavors, Freedent’s non-stick formula is great . Freedent is sold in the traditional stick format in the United States, Germany, New Zealand and France, and is offered in a pellet format in Canada.

Big Red cinnamon gum was introduced.  In 2001, Big Red's hot cinnamon taste was updated to give consumers longer lasting fresh breath. It is available in the United States, Germany and Canada.

Wrigley introduced its first sugarfree gum, Extra.  Within five years, Extra became the #1 selling brand of sugarfree gum.

Winterfresh introduce and marketed as "icy cool". Targeted advertising has made it a popular chewing gum among U.S. teens.

Eclipse sugarfree, candy coated, breath freshening gum is introduced.  Its sister product in Canada is called Excel.

In a cross-continent launch, Airwaves Honey & Lemon was introduced simultaneously across 18 different markets in Europe. In addition to its original Honey & Lemon, Airwaves comes in Menthol Eucalyptus, Blackcurrant with Vitamin C, Spicy Cocktail, Ginger Orange and Cherry Menthol.  Airwaves continue to expand its presence from Ireland in the west to China in the east.

Already a top selling brand across Europe, Orbit’s launch in the U.S. was a huge success. The brand comes in five flavors and a tab format.

Eclipse breath strips were introduced as a new kind of breath-freshening product. These micro-thin, dissolvable strips offer portable portable breath freshening. In 2003, they were introduced to Europe.

Building on the Juicy Fruit name, a pellet format product is offered in "Strappleberry" (strawberry and apple) and "Grapermelon" (grape and watermelon) flavors.  Marketed to U.S. teens and tweens.

European launch of Orbit Drops, a sugarfree dental candy, in over a dozen countries including Austria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Russia and Slovenia.  Building on the Orbit sugarfree gum brand in Europe, these candies are marketed as offering dental benefits in the form of a hard candy.

Global marketing of Hubba Bubba brand bubble gums commence.

Extra and Eclipse Mints were introduced in Great Britain and the United States. Both products mark a broadening of Wrigley’s product portfolio beyond gum.

In April of 2004, Wrigley acquires Boomer, Solano, Pim Pom and Trex confections by purchasing a Spanish producer of confectionery products geared toward kids, teens and adults. This acquisition expanded Wrigley’s business in Spain, India and China.

In June 2005, Wrigley added the Altoids, Life Savers, Creme Savers and Sugus brands to its expanding portfolio of confectionery products. The acquisition added some of the most well-known brands to Wrigley’s chewing gum portfolio and strengthens the Company’s foundation in the global confectionery marketplace.  Click here for the press release.


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