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Tootsie Roll Industries
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Factoid:  The married team of 85-year-old chairman and CEO Melvin Gordon and 73-year-old president and COO Ellen Gordon control almost 80% of the company's voting power.3

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Concord Purchased by Tootsie Roll Industries

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Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc.
A Historical Timeline

Austrian immigrant Leo Hirshfield brings to the U.S. his recipe for a chocolaty, chewy candy, which he begins producing in a small store in New York City.

Hirshfield names the candy after his five-year-old daughter, whose nickname is "Tootsie."

Tootsie Rolls are now produced in a four-story candy factory in New York City.

The name of the company is changed to Sweets Company of America.  Sweets Company of America begins to advertise nationally.

Sweets Company of America is registered with the New York Stock Exchange.

The Tootsie Pop, consisting of hard candy on the outside and chocolaty, chewy Tootsie Roll on the inside, is invented.

As the country emerged from the Depression, sales continued to grow. The company moves from its 35,000 square-foot space in New York City to a 120,000 square-foot plant in Hoboken, New Jersey. The installation of conveyor belt systems marks the appearance of mass production techniques.

A 50,000 square-foot addition is built onto the factory.

The candy is included in World War II rations and becomes highly valued by the armed forces for its ability to withstand severe weather conditions and give troops "quick energy."

With raw materials released in greater quantities, production increases and quickly surpasses pre-war levels.

William B. Rubin becomes President of the Sweets Company of America.

In the early years of television, the company sponsors popular children's shows including Howdy Doody, Rin Tin Tin and Rocky & Bullwinkle.

Melvin J. Gordon becomes Chairman of the company.

The company's name is changed to Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc.

Tootsie Roll opens a Midwest facility in the Ford City Industrial Park on Chicago's southwest side.

Tootsie Roll expands operations to include the Philippines and other areas of the Far East.

Tootsie Roll expands operations into Mexico.

Tootsie Roll expands operations to include Canada.

In June, the company acquires the Mason Division of Candy Corporation of America. The acquisition adds two famous candy names -- Mason Dots and Crows -- to the Tootsie Roll family.

Ellen Gordon is named President of Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc. At this time, she is the second woman to be elected president of a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Tootsie Roll acquires Cellas' Confections, Inc., a chocolate covered cherry manufacturer operating in New York City, since 1864.

Tootsie Roll acquires the Charms Company. Combined production of the Tootsie Pop, Blow Pops, and Charms line of lollipops makes Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc. the world's largest lollipop producer.

The company acquires the caramel and chocolate brands of Warner-Lambert Company, which includes Junior Mints, Sugar Daddy, Sugar Babies and Charleston Chew.

Tootsie Roll celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Junior Mints celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Tootsie Roll acquires O'TEC Industries and begins to manufacture Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy.

Tootsie Roll acquires Andes Candies. The Andes brand includes the Andes Créme de Menthe Thins, Cherry Jubilee Thins and Toffee Crunch Thins as well as a line of Mint Patties.

Tootsie Roll celebrates is 100th anniversary of being listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Company production reaches more than 60 million Tootsie Rolls and 20 million Tootsie Pops each day.

In August 2004, Tootsie Roll Industries acquires Concord Confections of Toronto, Canada, a market leader in the bubble gum category, known for exceptional quality. Concord Confections' products are sold primarily under the Dubble Bubble brand that was introduced in 1928 and are known throughout the world. Other Concord products include Razzles, Cry Baby and Nik-L-Nip.


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