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The Marathon Bar
"Lasts a Good, Long Time."

Patrick Wayne as Marathon John - 1974Back in (August) 1973, Marathon John and Quick Carl were locked in 30 second battles on the television screen using an eight inch, braided caramel bar coated in milk chocolate.

Marathon John (Patrick Wayne) would ride into the scene.  The villain would announce himself as Quick Carl and state something like, ". . . I do everything fast."  Marathon John would toss him a monstrous Marathon bar and challenge Carl to eat it fast.

The bright red package, complete with a ruler on the back, made it stand out in the candy isle and at the check out stands.  However, despite the memorable advertising campaigns and the colorful imagery, sales expectations were not met and Mars, Inc. pulled it from the shelves in October of 1981.

If you crave this treat, contact M&M/Mars and let them know that you want to see it make a nostalgic comeback.  Heck, Patrick Wayne might even be interested in resurrecting his role.  Get all of your friends and family involved - start a grass roots campaign.  Who knows, we might see it make its deserved comeback.  You can contact Mars, Inc. at (800) 627-7852, Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM EST.

Marathon Bar Wrapper - Circa 1973
Circa 1973 Wrapper from the collection of Jason Liebig.
Image copyright Jason Liebig - Used with permission.

Note: The "American" Marathon Bar is not to be confused with the "English" Marathon Bar.  The British confection was a chocolate, caramel, and peanut bar sold in the U.S. under the familiar name, Snickers.  Mars renamed the British Marathon to Snickers in the early 1990s.

Cadbury's Curly Wurly (Marathon) BarTo confuse matters even more, Cadbury sells a bar called "Curly Wurly" that is nearly identical to the old Mars Marathon bar.  Right now it is only sold into Germany, New Zealand, Netherlands, Canary Islands, Canada, France, Spain, Malta, Ireland, Faroes, Iceland, and the UK.  We are looking into the possibility of getting our hands on some of these if there is enough interest.  Let us hear from you on the matter.


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