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Quick Springtime Update

Although it is still cold and gray right now in these parts, the rain to sunshine balance is starting to tip in favor of sunshine.  Thus marks Spring in Oregon.

This also means that my personal office time to outdoors time balance is starting to shift.  We have already started mowing, getting equipment ready for tilling, and am watching the soil moisture for that first opportunity to start working it. Hopefully later this week. We started potting up tomato seedlings on Monday and then got a weather alert about the potential for temps down to 32F overnight.  These kind of events cause plans to be more dynamic that set in stone.  I got my old kerosene heater cleaned up, serviced and fueled up and before heading into the house for bed, lit it in the greenhouse.  The next morning, all of the transplants looked happy and enjoying the root space their new pots were providing.

Along with the typical spring tasks pertaining to actual farming activity, this time of year also marks the point on the calendar when major projects begin on the farm.  There is always some improvement or maintenance task that needs to be done around here.  This year I have an ambitious schedule planned.

As promised, this was just a quick update . . . more to follow . . .

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