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No GMOs Here!

We are an early signer of the Safe Seed Pledge

All of our rare and heirloom seeds are open-pollinated, non-hybrid and chemically untreated. No chemicals, unstable hybrids or genetically engineered seeds!

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Our Mission

Why Support the Victory Seed Company?

The primary reason for our existence as an organization is to help protect open-pollinated and heirloom seed varieties during a time when the diversity of plant life on our planet is quickly shrinking.

Regions of the planet that provided much of the genetic material for our domesticated crop plants is rapidly being destroyed or irreversibly damaged.  Additionally, in the past few years there has been a growing trend of mergers and consolidations among the seed industry.  With responsibility to shareholders as a motive, less profitable and similar seed varieties are being dropped from the seed lines of the combined companies.  In many cases, these plants are forever lost to us all.

As we witness the elimination of old varieties from other company's offerings, the emphasis of commercial unstable hybrids, and the proliferation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), we feel an urgency in our mission.

We have therefore dedicated our efforts to preserving and promoting the use of open-pollinated varieties -- old commercial releases as well as family heirlooms -- and working towards the protection of our genetically diverse horticultural heritage.  We truly believe in teaching these principals to all who have ears to learn.

Your support allows us to maintain a seed bank, educate the public, remain independent from the mainstream seed trade, and ensure that important varieties remain commercially available to future gardeners.  Please use the links on the left to learn more about our projects and opportunities where you may be able to help with these efforts.

Some of the examples of the work your orders support:

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